Saturday 31 October 2020

Special Update 31/10/2020 The Week Ahead. Bad News Oil. Who Wins?

Baltic Dry Index. 1283 -14 Brent Crude 37.46

Spot Gold 1879

Covid-19 cases 17/10/20 World 39,404,104

Deaths 1,106,641

Covid-19 cases 31/10/20 World 45,701,498

Deaths 1,189,776

“If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error.”

John Kenneth Galbraith

Finally, the never-ending US elections come to an end on Tuesday, or maybe not. Either way, Reuters suggests that it may be game over for the technology bubble that drove stocks higher. The  Biden Bust?

With Europe heading into more lockdowns, the oil market is signaling trouble dead ahead.

The Times of London posits that GB will join France and Germany in a new Covid-19 lockdown to be announced on Monday. The Covid-19 section suggests a new lockdown would be a big mistake.

Wall Street Week Ahead: Big tech stocks may face post-election headwinds, no matter who wins

October 30, 2020