Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Fed Week

Due to travel the next full update will be on Thursday after the Dutch elections.

But this week is also Brexit Week, Dutch Week and Fed Week all compressed into one week.

In GB the House of Horrors, Freaks and Failures, aka the House of Lords backed down, allowing Her Majesty's Government to proceed with Brexit, probably triggering Article 50 after the EU finish celebrating the Treaty of Rome. The Fedsters and the Dutch, newly embroiled in a nasty war with increasingly erratic NATO member Turkey, get no respite, and each must make a make or break decision this week.

For this week, and probably only this week, "The Donald" gets upstaged by events.

Asked what he feared most in politics, UK Prime Minister Harold MacMillan replied "events, dear boy, events."  We await the weeks events withgreat  interest.

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